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I have a lot to offer my customers.

Jesse Lerud, LLC is a Licensed and Insured computer consulting and repair company serving the City of Denver and surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is the goal! Providing On-site repair and consulting at affordable rates and I guarantee to work towards cost-effective solutions for you!

Specializing in: Building New Computers, Upgrading Existing Computers, Repair, Consulting, Virus Removal, Data Recovery and Education. A one-stop shop for any of your computer nuisances and questions!

Work comes with a guarantee and a smile!

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Company Guarantees

  1. Intelligent, well-explained and informative service.
  2. A reasonable price for exceptional resourcefulness.
  3. Individual attention to each and every customer.

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What I Can Do For You

Every person is unique, Every computer is different, how people use their computer is special, Jesse Lerud, LLC takes pride in making sure that whether you are a beginning computer user, or a server technician that you receive the service you require. The things that matter to you are what matters to this company.


To contact Jesse Lerud, LLC you can email me at


Call or text: 720-620-2851

Just a taste of some of the amazing services provided by Jesse Lerud, LLC!

Custom Built computer systems from bang for buck to high-end structuring at the lowest price anywhere! Custom Towers, have the most unique visual appeal to add to any office or gaming room. Dying computer? We save your special pictures, files, reports, and work projects from decimation! Have a cranky virus? We Isolate, Destroy, Clean, and Double-check that your computer is saved from its woes of the internet! Do you need a secure network for your office? Education and execution is our main goal in getting your sensitive files locked away from the grubby hands of the internet moguls! Need help for Mom and Dad? Jesse Lerud, LLC has the patience and perseverance and the knowledge to inform and bring your loved ones into the new age! Get grandpa off the Nintendo Wii and get him playing Candy Crush like a pro! Every customer is taken care of or YOU DON’T PAY. After all, we aren’t going to rip you off like GeekSquad.

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