Jesse Lerud LLC

System Analyst

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Check out these awesome chameleon colors your new computer could come in! These are painted with three layers of paint and thick hardened clear coat and buffed to clean mirror quality shine!


If you want a different color I have all the colors of the rainbow at my disposal in metallic, matte, glossy, flip, and chrome styles!

Don’t hesitate to ask me about the amazing possibilities!


Also! Don’t forget I also make amazing custom shapes and sizes for cases to fit anyone’s dream computer!

This was a custom computer we built from that included a heavy visual job done to the case.

Sandy Bridge Processor 6 core, 32 Gigs RAM, 240 gig SSD, 2TB SATA, Dual Nvidia 780 Super Clocked Video Cards, 1200 Watt Power Supply. Paint GM Space Blue + Clear Coat, SEMA Casino Fans (blue), Thermal Take Heat-sink

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